The Float Tank.. and other things

An aura of mystery; that being the sensory deprivation float therapy Epsom salt tank has been quite transcending and life-changing for me. I've been telling a lot of friends about it. So recently a few friends of mine tried floating for themselves after my encouragement. I was happy to hear that floating clearly made a profoundly positive experience filled with intellectual depth and insight for each of them. Even my father enjoyed his first float after I told him about my positive feedback. It's hard to explain how to use it properly because frankly there is no right or wrong way to use the tank. JUST GET IN. You never know where the float tank may take you. There are so many different ways to practice using a float tank between meditation techniques, asking questions, creating visual simulations you wish to see, praying or even sometimes letting go of your insecure delusions to have the experience take you wherever it may. If you've ever been to yoga class you've probably been told "IT'S YOUR PRACTICE." Floating is similar as you can JUST BE and gradually slip into alternate states of consciousness the deeper you allow yourself to go.

My good friend Oz Fritz (who has mixed and mastered several of my records) first told me about floating a few years ago. He told me about the positive effects and benefits of floating and that he would float before his long 10-12 hr days of studio sessions. Oz has always struck me as one of the most calm and balanced beings I had ever met and after he told me about floating I had an idea why.. So in early 2016 I finally decided to give it a try. (You'll find he's quite the floating expert as I included a link to his blog write up on floating below at the end.) The first 10 minutes or so of my first float felt unsettling but I then found a deeper relaxation than ever imaginable. Before I knew it I begin orbiting and seeing vivid space imagery and wasn't sure if I was asleep or awake for what was probably about 20 minutes of time. Then I found a calm stillness for the remainder of the float and felt a feeling of peace more powerful than I had ever experienced the second I got out of the tank. There's no question that through about 15 floats I've received many benefits. Floating improves focus, boosts energy, relieves any signs of depression, promote muscle relaxation and is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you're interested in trying floating and you're in the East Bay Area email me and  I can connect you with the staff. (tell them I recommended you) 

So in August I'll be performing @ The Portland Float Conference with my close friend Austin James Hicks (Aug 10th and 12th). I will definitely write again about that weekend and my tour with AJ. Look forward to this upcoming tour run along with yoga practices and floats! Happy floating to you all!  (Oz Is Ever Floating) In case you're a big Oysterhead fan and was wondering who this song was about!